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  • Civil War In El Salvador

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    El Salvador is a country in Central America, a region of that connects Mexico to the South American continent. With a land mass of about 13,000 square miles, the country is considered to be one of the geographically smallest inhabiting the Americas (Arsdale 88), and holds a population of around 6.5 million (Martínez). In 1980, El Salvador was not on the list of top 25 sending countries to the United States. Just 20 years later, the country would be number 8 on that same list. From 1970 to 2000, the

  • Personal Narrative: My Life In El Salvador

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    States. I have experienced a completely new aspect of life outside of an American life into a third world country. Being able to stay there for half of the summer each year as taught me valuable characteristics. The culture experience I had in El Salvador has made me a humble individual, who has become more generous and a thankful person. As I take a step back and analyze my first year in a third world country, I do not regret one bit because it has made me humble. I do not need to have every brand

  • Personal Narrative: A Sense Of Cultural Identity

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    without expressing one of my loves in life, soccer. Soccer back in El Salvador (and most of Latin America) is like football in the U.S,many play it, even more watch it. My family is part of the group of soccer fans who only watch big tournaments such as the Fifa world cup: I think it 's mostly because we don 't have much time for it outside of those tournaments. My father only ever played it when he was young back in El Salvador, but just casually, but he thought it would be a good idea to put my

  • Essay On El Salvador

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    Have you ever wondered why El Salvador is known as the land of volcanoes or why it's the only country in Central America that doesn’t have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea.Well El Salvador is known as the Land of Volcanoes because,it’s frequent earthquakes and volcanic activities.Have you ever wondered why it's the only country in Central America that doesn't have a coastline on the Caribbean Sea it’s because,half of all Salvadorans live in the countryside.El Salvador is the most densely populated

  • Crime In El Salvador

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    On this project 2, I will be talking about targeting the young: Gangs of El Salvador (part 4). Danny Gold from VICE news investigated on how El Salvador teenagers are often at risk from violence. El Salvador’s murder rate has increased over the past year and all because gangs are targeting young people. Gold interviewed Mauricio Garcia a 15-year-old boy and an ambulance volunteer. Mauricio and other volunteers deal with people who have been wounded or gun-shot, or who have been fighting. They risk

  • Education In El Salvador

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    The Political Constitution of 1983, states that El Salvador is a country with a pluralist political system that is expressed through its political parties, which are the only instruments for the representation of the people. For political administration, the territory is divided into departments, and in each of them there is a governor chosen by the executive branch; these officials perform administrative tasks whose main function is to serve as a liaison between the Presidency and the local governments

  • El Salvador Exodus

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    In El Salvador during the 1970’s the campesinos, the indigent class, were treated as second class citizens by the military and elite classes. To find salivation these people flocked to the Catholic Church for wisdom, love, and protection. To comfort their parish the priests of El Salvador often preached to the people that God wanted them to endure suffering for an eternal reward. However, after continuous violence by the military, priests such as Fr. Rutilio grande and others began to preach a new

  • Barn Burning Theme Analysis

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    Dunn Sidni Dunn Hensley English 11/ Fourth Period 27 February 2018 Part 12:Rough Draft In Barn Burning William Faulkner uses very many themes to show the emotions of these characters and how they felt. They all acted the same being all angry at each other.He really shows the readers how bad a family can really feel for these characters from what they showed they felt how they felt.Faulkner also uses perspective to help tell his stories. This comes being shown out through his main characters

  • Theocratic Government In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Regina Carla L. Silva 2015-01293 The Handmaid’s Tale The novel is set in the Republic of Gilead which is formerly the United States of America. The name comes from a place from the Bible. It is a totalitarian, theocratic government. First, it is totalitarian which means that the government had control over every aspect in its citizens’ lives. This is why the government could dictate even the private lives of the people. It dictated how the handmaids spent their time, and how people interacted with

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Jk Rowley Speech

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    Rhetorical Analysis – J.K. Rowling “The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination” The author of the famous Harry Potter series - J.K. Rowling held this speech during a graduation ceremony at Harvard University. The speech was to the Harvard graduates from June 5, 2008 and was held outside in the famous ‘Old Harvard Yard’ as a tradition. The purpose of the speech was to celebrate and congratulate the graduating class. Her speech is a motivational speech for the graduates but

  • Bystanders In El Salvador

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    A person who witnesses an incident but does not do anything is called a bystander. You can look at a bystander as someone who watches everything past through without involving themselves to do anything. During the genocide of El Salvador also known as

  • El Salvador Compare And Contrast

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    What do El Salvador, Miami, and Los Angeles all have in common? They all have Spanish history that mixes in with their history. All though Miami and Los Angeles are both in the United States and far away from El Salvador, they have Spanish speaking residence within their areas. Each of the locations have their own form of culture that is not like each other. El Salvador was named by the Spanish conquistadors, which translates to “The Savior” in English ("El Salvador."). It is between Guatemala and

  • Guerrillas Louis Kruijt Summary

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    The book Guerrillas by Dirk Kruijt documents the history in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua guerrilla movements that developed between the 1950s and the 1970s, providing information that allows the reader to encounter the similarities of these movements, but also the differential factors that altered the development of each movements in the mentioned countries. The book, then, illustrates the trajectories of El Salvador’s Frente Farabundo Martí para la Liberación Nacional (FMLN); the Guatemala’s

  • Crime And Crime In El Salvador

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    El Salvador is located in Central America between Guatemala and Honduras. The capital is San Salvador and the language that is spoken is Spanish and Nawat. The population is over 6 million people. Crime in El Salvador is a big issue. They are a growing player in the drug trafficking business, serving as a recipient and storage point along the Pacific Coast. Majority of the country’s problem is from street gangs known as “maras”, which help make El Salvador one of the most dangerous places in the

  • El Salvador: My Life

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    Fortunate, is what I call myself because I have a better life than most of my extended family. I was born and raised in El Salvador up until the age of six. When my parents decided that my brother and I would have a better future here in the United States. My parents left everything behind in El Salvador to give my siblings and I a better opportunity in education and life itself. Though my parents had to leave most of their family behind to provide for us, they have done it without second-guessing

  • Descriptive Essay On El Salvador

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    “Bienvenidos a El Salvador,” the flight attendant announced over the intercom. I looked towards the windows and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery. I could see the long fields, the beautiful hills and valleys, and the volcanoes. The palm trees were bright green and the sky was filled with color.The land seemed to be filled with life. “Where were the empires, buildings, or roads?”, I pondered. The same flight attendant interrupted my thoughts once again. “ We have now arrived at the San Salvador Airport,

  • Poverty In The Victorian Era

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    The average life a person lives in this time period comes easy. Though we may have certain struggles, they don’t compare to the daily problems of lower class throughout the Victorian Era. Although there were many successful people during this time, poverty became a huge issue for the common family. Poverty issues influenced adults as well as the children. All ages got the enjoyment of life stolen from them in this rigid era. Lack of help would only ruin the these people as well as the time period

  • Immigration Argument Essay

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    When people think of the word “Immigrant” usually, they picture a person from Mexican ethnicity. Because society and the most recent presidential election, most people think of only Mexican groups as immigrants. However, from the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), the top five Immigrant groups includes Mexico 29.5%, India 5.6%, China 4.9%, Vietnam 3.1%, and the Philippines at 4.4%. The biggest misconception of the word Immigrant is that they only come from Mexico. Society’s connotation of Immigrants

  • Causes Of Human Trafficking In El Salvador

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    Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in El Salvador $5000 dollars are paid for each minor in the human trafficking ring in El Salvador. It is time, at last, to speak the truth about human trafficking which is an important topic on El Salvador. The goal here is to make people reflex about this problem, that if it’s not happening in your country it doesn't mean it’s not happening somewhere else, and grabbing your attention by talking about the laws against this issue, the favourite one in this chain:

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To El Salvador

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    others were rushing to the gate to catch their flight. I happened to be one of those people. Sitting in the cold lounge, waiting for my flight to El Salvador to arrive, all I could think about was my mother’s last words before she said goodbye. Her exact words were “I promise, I will be there soon.” Maria Morales- my mother did not come to El Salvador until eleven months later. Not having my mother by my side, I was forced to develop a self reliant mentality. For the past three months, I told myself