Personal Narrative: A Sense Of Cultural Identity

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“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin, and culture is like a tree without roots” -Marcus Garvey . And like a tree without roots, a person without culture will fail in a world so full of it. At every turn we can find a piece of culture, whether it is an American store, some recognizable logo, or even the signs were so used to seeing on the road. Culture is everywhere. You might be American, Russian, Columbian or a combination of the three,but it is always necessity for you to know where your roots are. I, for one, know where my culture and roots lie. Since birth I have been exposed to it by my parents, grandparents, and everyone around me.It has given me a sense of cultural identity that will last a lifetime. I know that …show more content…

Now, I can not write an essay on culture without expressing one of my loves in life, soccer. Soccer back in El Salvador (and most of Latin America) is like football in the U.S,many play it, even more watch it. My family is part of the group of soccer fans who only watch big tournaments such as the Fifa world cup: I think it 's mostly because we don 't have much time for it outside of those tournaments. My father only ever played it when he was young back in El Salvador, but just casually, but he thought it would be a good idea to put my on a team when I was 7, playing in Germany. As I remember it now, it never clicked with me. It did not feel like anything special and eventually it just phased out; I wish it had not. Later in Puerto Rico, 6 years later I decided that I would try playing soccer at the school just to try it. I went through grueling practice after practice and played game after game. But, I just wasn 't good at it. like many things I got better with practice. I did basketball and track and field as well that year (small school, plenty of open spots). Honestly it still hadn’t stuck. As a matter of fact I would not realize my love for it until nearly a year later. It took me a soccer camp, two seasons of soccer in school, one out of school, and a Championships for that to happen. It interested me like no other thing. I would spend hours every day on it. And on the west side of the Island ,where I lived and went to school, the “big” sport played wasn’t soccer, it was basketball. Soccer has had a grand impact of my life and is a beautiful part of my culture, whether is American or Latino. Still, we will never be remembered good soccer player but food is

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