Explain How Soccer Has The Power To Change The World Essay

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As a soccer big fan, i believe that soccer has the power to change the world. It improves our life conditions, has the power to unite people and breaks down racial barriers. Under resourced countries will develop and become richer countries thanks to soccer. Furthermore, it improves personal skills by boosting self-confidence, self-esteem and communication skills. First of all, soccer has the power to change the world because it has the power to inspire and the power to unite people. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Soccer can create hope in a world where there is despair and racism. Soccer has the power to break down racial barriers. It gathers people from different Nations, cultures and countries around the same passion. It empowers connections between countries all over the world and helps build more peaceful relationships between them. Secondly, soccer promotes social development and copes with poverty. It improves quality of life through football associations, foundations that donate millions of dollars and equipment to under resourced countries. Under resourced countries that host soccer tournaments and international …show more content…

When I started playing soccer 5 years ago I was not so confident, but playing matches boosted my self-confidence . One of the most important thing that I learnt from playing soccer is that I have to trust myself and that hard work pays off. Soccer has changed my life positively because it helped me become a better person. To sum up, Soccer empowers relationships between Nations all over the world and help build more peaceful relationships between them. It also boosts poor country’s economy and participates actively in their development. Furthermore, playing soccer helps stay active, physically fit and healthy, boosts self-confidence and self-discipline. Playing soccer helped me become a better

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