Personal Narrative: My Life As A Soccer Player

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One of the most significant activities in my life would have to be soccer ever since I got a hold of the ball in 10th grade, it sparked my interest and a fire was ignited. It simply stared with a few friends asking me to join them then slowly progressed into everyday after school I would go outside to kick around the ball, I never really knew it was for me until I started getting more into it, soccer became my outlet more like an escape for me, it was somewhere I could go when I needed to be alone just the ball and I. Honestly, I never knew that it would affect me in the way it has, it started out as a just for fun kind of thing, then it escalated into actually playing games, turning more into a passion and I could actually see myself in the …show more content…

Soccer has kept me off the streets, it keeps me focused, maintaining agility, stamina and a side of aggression. The feeling I get when playing soccer is indescribable, the wind in my face, the crowd cheering me on..most importantly the goal - soccer relates so much to my everyday life it’s taught me teamwork and keeping myself healthy and sharp. The one person I look up to is Lionel Messi #10, the jersey that I so proudly wear every game, his motivational words, his enthusiasm really drove me to get that number and one of my favorite quotes of his would have to be “the day you think there is no improvements to be made is a sad one for anyone.” this quote is important to me because it’s a quote with such a powerful meaning, telling me that even though you may THINK you can’t get better, or do better something pushes you inside to do much greater things and I’m still learning as I go. You could ask any one of my friends or family members how much soccer has became a part of me, I want to have that name “Destiny Scott” affiliated with soccer it’s become second nature to me, soccer is a major part in my life and it has made me into the person I am

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