College Admissions Essay: The Recreational Youth Soccer Team

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Everybody has a passion for something that they enjoy doing and spend most of their time doing. I enjoy playing soccer and it has become one of my biggest passions ever since I was the age of 5. I enjoy playing it more than any other sport I have ever participated in. The soccer program in Sigourney allows you to play from preschool all the way up to 6th grade. The recreational youth soccer teams in Sigourney are made up of Sigourney Keota, and Tri-County kids, but the majority of the kids on the teams are from Sigourney. Each grade level has about 4 - 6 teams with 10 - 15 kids on a team. Now a few locals have put together a U-16 team for the Jr High kids and they play surrounding towns that have a U-16 team. But unfortunately I was never able to play for the Jr High team because it was started only 2 years ago when I would have been a sophomore. I have played soccer every since I was in preschool and I enjoyed it every year! My Dad has …show more content…

High and his name is Logan Northup from Sigourney. I have inspired my brothers to play every year and my Dad coaches them too but they have never been undefeated. Logan taught me tricks and techniques because he played soccer in college. He got me started playing soccer for William Penn College youth leagues after I got too old to play for Sigourney anymore. Now I play soccer for the Oskaloosa team and I have played for them every year in the spring and fall. We have had a pretty good team through the years and we win more games than we lose. But I enjoy playing for a bigger town because the competition is a lot harder than Sigourney ever was and it makes it more of a challenge. Some people think I’m crazy for driving to Oskaloosa after school for practice but I think it is well worth the drive. I hope to go on and play for the William Penn College soccer team and I think I have a good chance since they know who I am because I played for them and go to their

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