Personal Narrative: Soccer Is My Identity

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People in this magnificent, ever changing, and complexity of a world seeks to find out who they are in this life. Not all are capable of understanding what they love; their passion. There is something in this world that I would never replace and that is soccer. Without this sport, I believe I would be a nobody in this world. Soccer is my identity;I honestly feel I can connect to the world through it. Ever since I was a boy, seeing a ball in my foot was inevitable. Maybe it’s part of genetics, but the ball called my name from day one. Sleep,eat, and breathe football is what I do. There is something about this sport that is so magical that it is indescribable. I don’t just watch it either. I constantly play the beautiful game and always look for ways to become the best player I could possibly be. Nevertheless, the sport is not just about playing it, but learning from it. The game has probably taught me fundamental concepts of life. There is no denying that people consider me a decent player, but that doesn’t mean that I’m the best. There is a vast amount of better players that are even younger than me training to the maximum of their capabilities. I discovered something new, and my drive to become a better player and person came with it. The sport has taught me that not everything will always be what I initially expected, but that shouldn’t stop me from reaching my goals. For example, my team and I had won three consecutive district titles for our school. The team came in Sophomore year of college into the Junior-Varsity team thinking everything would be ours.Nothing was the same as we let our heads …show more content…

The game has translated its lessons to my life. To be the best, I must train beyond my limits and work as a team player. This translates into my school work and everything I do. If one is not working to their maximum or utilizing their skills a team to help the project collectively then there is nothing to work

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