Personal Narrative: Soccer Is The Sport Of Me

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Challenge “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Soccer is a sport that taught me nothing is guaranteed, nothing is impossible, and most importantly, nothing comes easy. It not only takes skill to master the sport, but it also takes heart and desire to motivate yourself through the good and bad times. The challenge of pushing away the voices that simply tell me to give up was and still is one of the most frustrating parts i had to deal with. I learned that the greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fail something. During a soccer game, the match was tied and I had a clear chance to 1v1 the goalie, I decided to do a “dancing” dribble and then shoot the ball but the goalie stopped my shot because he was as big as a bus. My coach and teammates yelled at me. Later on, I made another mistake by not pressing the ball and let the other team score, my team ended up losing. …show more content…

On the next game, my coach put his trust in me one more time by starting me in the line up. I gave my all and tried my hardest on the field. I ran everywhere like a gazelle, put in so much effort, and tried to help my teammates as much as I could. Even though i still made some mistakes on the game, my coach yelled at me, not because he hates me but he just wanted to motivated me to do better. I did great on that game, sadly I couldn’t get a goal for myself, but my teammates and coach kind words made me happy. I have gained my confidence back. The lesson affected me in a good way. I learned not to give up no matter how tough it is. Nothing is impossible when you put in hard work. My life has changed, I won’t stop trying until i reach to my goals. I have been through the good and bad times, sometimes i get tired and wanted to give up but my coach’s words inspired me to do better. Without him, I would already gave up and never get to experienced this

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