Cultural Identity Essay

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I suppose when i used to think of cultural identity, i perceive it as what racial background we come from, what race we are. Whether it’s Mexican, Asian, French, etc… I assumed it meant what special foods we eat, and events or activities we participate in according to our background. Little did i know this is a misconception; quite a common one actually. Cultural identity is actually how you live your life and how you express yourself, the things you enjoy that make you, you. I am someone who enjoys many things, ranging from A-Z. The things that are most important to me between that range, are the ones i focus on the most, the ones that are most important to me, and define who i am. First of all, my family is very important to me. We are …show more content…

I know what i want to do in life, i know what degree i need, what job i want, and how much my goal salary will be. I want to be remembered as someone who is very successful and worked hard for their money. My philosophy is, work hard to get to the top, but do what you love to get there. I hope to become a CEO, owner, or senior manager. In my opinion, i am a very good communicator, and i think i would do a great job respectfully but directly communicating and working with my employees to create the best most functional and profitable company that i can. I plan on doing running start at pierce college, then going to a four year to get my masters or very least my bachelors in business. It’s a very versatile degree to have, but i know exactly what i want to do with it. I want to be a buyer for a clothing company which basically means i decide what goes in the stores and what product and inventory i’m putting out into the stores. In that career, i get to attend many trade shows and fashion shows and travel a lot, which is one of the things i’m most excited …show more content…

Art for individual expression, family for a bond that can never be broken, and a hunger for success in a career that i know i will love. This is my cultural identity, and i am proud of it. I encourage anyone else who does not know their cultural identity to find it in themselves to figure it out, because knowing who you are as a person is very important. Knowing who i am and what makes me, me is a very secure thing to know, and always will

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