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A Long Way Gone is an autobiographical novel that informs people about the civil war in Sierra Leone. This war caused massive destruction to the country physically and mentally. The citizens of Sierra Leone were forced to kill, starve, die, and leave their country for peace somewhere else. This novel describes the horrifying experiences a young boy, Ishmael Beah, had been through during the Sierra Leone civil war. The author used great motifs to describe the importance of war and familial love in the novel. Ishmael’s life was horribly twisted when he was 12. The civil war in Sierra Leone during 1993 turned everything upside down. Ishmael was forcefully dragged into desperation, isolation, and violence. A Long Way Gone was created with the memories and stories he carried from the unreasonable blood shed, hunger, and tragedies. His stories take the reader's’ minds from the dry, deserted villages to the harsh waves of the Atlantic Ocean. This book will give readers unexpected knowledge and be an unforgettable reading experience. In 1993, Sierra Leone had a civil war between the government and a group of rebels. The rebels called themselves the RUF, Revolutionary United Force. The RUF would go…show more content…
It is a great autobiography. It was told from his point of view. The stories were told from his experiences and memories, which makes it a memoir. Last but not least, this is a true story. A Long Way Gone is highly recommended for readers who love to read autobiographies, memoirs, non-fictions, or someone who is open-minded to learning more about the communities other than their own. This novel was a great reading experience! It expands one’s knowledge about the effects of war and the writing techniques will be a great help to young writers. It also brings awareness to the war effects towards children. This novel has character, emotions, and a great inspiration to writers with similar stories that are needed to be shared with the
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