Reflection On A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah

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Additional Activity 1 In the book, A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah, the reader can gather certain information about the story he told. The point of view of his story truly affects the reader’s understanding. Also, Beah included details that defined his experience and changed his life. He also wrote his memoir with an emotion that drove the story. (Conclusion) Ishmael Beah narrated his personal experience from an honest point of view. By doing so, he enabled the reader to understand everything he chose to explain head on, with no barriers. The reader was able to know what Beah went through, in his own words. “I began to cry quietly and all of a sudden felt dizzy,” (Beah 34). The readers were able to understand how he felt in certain situations. Since Beah told his story from the first person point of view, the reader was able to see, feel, and try to relate to what he was going through during this horrible time in his life. Next, Beah chose to put certain information into his …show more content…

The way Beah explained what happened to him, he did it in a sad way. My response to the writer is that I feel sorry for him. I cannot relate to him in any way since I have never been exposed to war and even been a soldier fighting in it. He was strong through the hardest part of his life; the actual war itself, rehabilitation, and ultimately escaping Freetown, Sierra Leone to eventually fly over to New York and start a new life. Ishmael Beah’s memoir, A Long Way Gone, replays a part of Beah’s life that will always be very vivid to him. The reader learn certain information based on Beah’s first person point of view. Next, he highlighted facts about his life that could not be left out of his story. He implied emotion through his diction he chose to write with. My response the book was incredible satisfaction that Beah was able to escape the horrific war and migrate to another country where he would be safe from the dangers of Sierra

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