Bashar al-Assad Essays

  • Theocratic Government In The Handmaid's Tale

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    Regina Carla L. Silva 2015-01293 The Handmaid’s Tale The novel is set in the Republic of Gilead which is formerly the United States of America. The name comes from a place from the Bible. It is a totalitarian, theocratic government. First, it is totalitarian which means that the government had control over every aspect in its citizens’ lives. This is why the government could dictate even the private lives of the people. It dictated how the handmaids spent their time, and how people interacted with

  • Essay On Syrian Refugees

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    nation's prewar population, which is more than 11 million individuals. The Syrian Civil war is a war between the long-serving government and those looking to change it. The Assad family have had the force in Syria following the time 1971. Most importantly it was Hafez al-Assad, and second is presently driving Bashar al-Assad. Human rights focus on how people's dignity shouldn't be mistreated, where as it is not applied to the innocent civilians. Individuals are leaving their cherished nation due

  • The Decline Of Macbeth In Shakespeare's Play

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    In the Shakespearean play Macbeth, Macbeth, the eponymous character, begins to lose his sense of morality and integrity. The first moment his decline is revealed is after he hears the first part of the witches prophecies come to pass. Whilst thinking about how this will cumulate into him becoming king, he wonders if the temptation is good or will be detrimental. He pronounces that if it is good, “why…[does he] yield to that suggestion…[of killing Duncan]” (I.iii.135). Already, the idea arrives in

  • The Right To Self Determination

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    In the past days, weeks, months even years, Mindanao is known to be a chaotic place where they asked for a separate government over the national government. Many people have been fighting for their independence and hoping for a peaceful environment but it just worsens. For more than 40 years minority Muslim groups, indigenous ethnic people known collectively as Moros have fought for self-determination. The Mindanao conflict, expressed in Muslim armed resistance against the Philippine state, has

  • The Causes And Effects Of The Lebanese Civil War

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    The Lebanese Civil War lasted 15 years, starting in 1975 and ending in 1990, involving mostly the Lebanese army, the Phalangists and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Still today, there are political complications and tension in Lebanon therefore it has never really recovered from the major war that harmed the country significantly. Most of the conflict was located in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon however there were frequent attacks in various other villages and towns throughout the

  • Gwangju Uprising Research Paper

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    Gwangju Uprising is a revolution about Gwangju citizens and local students against the South Korean military government. It took place in the South-West city of Korea, Gwangju between May 18 and 27, 1980. A lot of people died in this revolution because of suppressing of government. Although many citizens sacrificed in the protest, the result of this protest helps Korea to become a democratic society. In 1962, Park Chung-Hee became the president of the Republic of Korea. He repressed the political

  • Macbeth's Greed Analysis

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    Greed for power leads corrupt leaders to pursue power through ruthless and violent ways, putting their countries in an unstable state. Macbeth commits murders and violent acts to earn his absolute power, but his corrupt mindset of yearning power leads to instability in the Scotland. After hearing from the witches, Macbeth admits that, “My thought, whose murder yet is but fantastical/ Shakes so my single state of man/ That function is smother'd in surmise /and nothing is but what is not.” (Shakespeare

  • Syrian Civil War Analysis

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    The Syrian civil war started six years ago, causing a lot of destruction and misery, and unfortunately it still continues with no sign of any tangible solution. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed, homes were destroyed , families were separated, and many cities were pulverized. According to World Vision (2014) 13.5 million people in Syria need humanitarian assistance due to the violent civil war. Over 6.5 million Syrians have been left homeless looking for safety and peace in different

  • Reasons For The Arab Spring

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    Introduction- The Arab spring was a series of protests and armed rebellions against the government which took place in Middle East in early 2011. These protests were a core expression of deep-seated resentment at the ageing Arab dictatorships. Due to the brutality of the security apparatus, unemployment, rising prices, and corruption that followed the privatization of state assets in some countries, the people got angry and started the protest which gave rise to many such protests in the whole of

  • The Egyptian Revolution: Hosni Mubarak

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    The Egyptian revolution started began on 25, January 2011.This revolution in locally known as January 25, revolution. This famous revolution consists of demonstrations, marches, and occupations of plazas, civil disobedience and strikes. Millions of people from different social, economic and religious background come together in Tahir square to overthrow their president Hosni Mubarak. Violent clashes between security forces and protesters results into death of many people and severe injuries. The

  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Weimar Republic

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    Once Germany lost the First World War, the Kaiser fled and a new democratic government was formed and declared in February 1919, it was called the Weimar Republic. This government was reputed fragile since the start because of the various problems within the state, this included, economic, politic, culture and social problems. All of these problems had both negative and positive aspects. This meant there were weaknesses and strengths of the Weimar Constitution. Firstly, the economy in the Weimar

  • Khomeini's Failure Of Martial Law In Iran

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    However, none of this seemed to be effective, as demonstrators took to streets in even larger numbers and now explicitly demanding the abolition of monarchy. That was why the Shah decided to declare martial law in 12 cities across the country. Nonetheless, people still took part in another protest event in Tehran the day after the declaration, virtually forcing the military’s hand. A bloody confrontation ensued, with soldiers firing directly onto the crowd. This spelled the end of any possibility

  • Airbus A321 Case Study

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    Plane with 224 individuals on load up accidents in Egypt; all on board most likely dead Upgraded 1.08pm: A Russian carrier conveying 224 travelers and team smashed in Egypt's Sinai promontory toward the beginning of today, and a security officer at the scene said most travelers seemed to have been killed. The Airbus A321, worked by Russian aircraft Kogalymavia under the brand name Metrojet, was flying from the Sinai Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheik to St Petersburg in Russia when it went down

  • Pros And Cons Of Chemical Weapons

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    Debates about chemical/biological weapons were briefly talked about in the media and people’s everyday conversations. In the early 2000’s several letters containing anthrax spores, a deadly infection, were sent to multiple news media officers and two democratic senators. This occured a week after the horrifying attack on the World Trade Center, September 11, 2001. These letters led to five deaths, seventeen infected from the exposure, and a complex unsolved FBI investigation. This was a terror attack

  • Violence In Islam

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    The western public opinion started to see Islam as being inherently violent as they see Islamic State's (IS) actions. Sheila Carapico argues that "while lynchings, hate crimes, and family violence in America are individual exceptions to a sound social ethic, but ‘Islamic terrorism' is portrayed as if it were a religious expression" (1997, p.30). Violence is mainly motivated by some kind of political aims. Therefore, what we should be looking for is politically motivated Muslims, not the Islam itself

  • Causes Of Suicide Bombing

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    You might be wondering what a suicide bombing is, here is what a suicide bombing is why and people do it. Suicide bombing, an act in which an individual personally delivers explosives and detonates them to inflict the greatest possible damage, killing himself or herself in the process. Suicide bombings are particularly shocking on account of their indiscriminate nature, clearly intending to kill or injure anyone within range of the explosion, the victims being mostly unsuspecting civilians (though

  • Francis Fukuyama The End Of History

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    fundamentalism in these countries can be attributed to the failure of previous political systems in providing equitable political representation to its citizens and a desire to correct this inequity. For example, the leader of Syria, President Bashar Al-Assad is a Shia Alawite Muslim despite Syria being Sunni-majority and Shia Alawites forming only thirteen percent of the population . On the other hand, Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq is a Sunni Muslim despite Iraq being a Shia-majority

  • Nature Vs. Nurture In Truman Capote's In Cold Blood

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    America’s first prominent serial killer of the 19th century, H. H. Holmes famously wrote amongst his series of murder confessions, "I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than a poet can help the inspiration to sing." He reasons—in an increasingly morbid comparison—that the root of murder and evil is innate, for nature itself had instilled the tendency and drive into his very being. Nowhere more acutely is this theme simultaneously displayed and

  • Fire Quotes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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    The memoir written by Elie Wiesel, Night, is illustrating the Holocaust, the even which caused the death of over 6 million Jews. Auschwitz, the concentration camps, is responsible for over 1 million of the deaths. In the memoir Night, Wiesel uses the symbolism of fire, and silence to clearly communicate to the readers that the Holocaust was a catastrophic and calamitous event, and that children should never be involved in warfare. Elie Wiesel enters Auschwitz at the age of 15, and witnesses’ horrific

  • Essay About Mexican Food

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    In my original response to what I knew about Mexican food, I was able to identify food items that are of popular thought when thinking about Mexican food. I named tortillas, enchiladas, refried and black beans, rice, cheese, picante sauces, burritos, tacos, batidas and freshly made fruit juices as being the dishes that first come to mind. After reading all about the origins of Mexican food I don’t think I was too far off, but I did not consider how important the tortilla was to Mexico’s history and