Rhetorical Analysis Essay On Ben Carson

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Donald Trump defended Republican presidential rival Ben Carson for his comments on the recent Oregon college shooting. On Wednesday, the real estate mogul jumped to the defense of Ben Carson who said he would have attempted to foil the gunman’s efforts in the Oregon college shooting. Donald Trump posted a statement on Twitter saying it was unfair to judge his GOP rival based on his comments on the incident last Thursday at Umpqua Community College, according to the New York Post (NYP). “Ben Carson was speaking in general terms as to what he would do if confronted with a gunman, and was not criticizing the victims, the NYP quotes Trump’s tweet on Wednesday. “Not fair!” Carson came under fire on Wednesday after he released comments on the Oregon …show more content…

He told reporters that people treated Carson “very unfairly” with their negative reaction on his Oregon shooting comments, CBS News reports. Carson, on the other hand, also explained his comments the day before. The retired neurosurgeon said he just wanted people to take action the next time a shooting happens. In the case of what happened in Oregon, the victims just sat there and allowed the assailant to shoot them one by one. If everybody tackled the gunman, he would not have been able to kill all his victims. He added that people should be able to know what to do because it will probably happen again, Carson told ABC in an interview. Meanwhile, during the same rally, Trump expressed his support for Russia’s initiative to launch airstrikes in Syria. He told the crowd that he thinks bombing ISIS is a “great thing.” However, Russians are mostly targeting the rebels in western Syria who are against Assad’s leadership. The U.S. also said Moscow is not really attacking ISIS, but is just bombing the Syrian government’s opponents. Some of the groups begin targeted are linked to the terror group Al Qaeda, but there are also groups of moderate rebels being supported by the U.S. Nevertheless, Donald Trump thinks Russia’s intervention in the conflict in Syria is a positive thing and even urged Moscow to keep on bombing the

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