A Rhetorical Analysis Of Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech

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Barack Obama’s win for President in 2009 was a historical moment for the United States. His inaugural speech was much anticipated, because this was going to set the tone for his presidency. His speech told the American people that improving the economy is one of his priorities, but there were also other areas he would like to improve like healthcare and the education system. This was a speech that was meant to persuade the American public to take action for them to rise as a nation again, and for them to put their trust into him. His message addressed a couple of specific points like his gratefulness to the American people, the different crises America is facing, how America will overcome these crises, replying to his cynics, addressing the world, and then he reminded America again to be brave like they’ve always been to overcome the hard times (5 Speechwriting Lessons from Obama's Inaugural Speech, (n.d.). His speech had ethos, logos, and pathos throughout it, which is why it was a great persuasive message. According to Aristotle’s three speech situations, this speech used …show more content…

Obama says, “My fellow citizens: I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors” (Barack Obama's Inaugural Address, 2009). This is where he showed how grateful and humbled he is, which emphasizes his credibility. Obama is very well educated in the nation’s history which is shown throughout this speech with all of his references to America’s history. He also thanked President Bush for his help throughout the transition of administrations, and acknowledged their forebears. This showed his respect for the foundation that was laid by his predecessors. These aspects of his speech appealed to ethos which persuades people into putting their trust into him, since his statements have shown that he is a credible

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