Rhetorical Analysis Of Yes We Can

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On November 4th, 2008, former President Barack Obama made his victory speech to approximately 200,000 people at Grant Park and to those watching it through broadcast. In the year 2008, was a critical time period for the United States since the long lasting eight year presidency of George W Bush was ending and a new president was approaching the White House with new proposals. During the time George W Bush was in office, the United States was facing many problems, as with wars going on, financial crisis happening, and global warming being another factor. The country needed to be restored from all the monstrocity going on and become that strong country that once was. Barack Obama’s campaign and the succeeding election was the answer to all necessities in the country. During his speech Obama gets the viewers attention with his moving pathetic appeals, and the use of historical figures and past events to help accept the importance of the moment and his use of “Yes We Can” as a appearance of ethos to describe the country. When Barack Obama’s speech started the pathetic appeals began immediately, he tries to relieve the perception of America as numerous entities regarding of color, race, or religion. By this he wants to appoint a united America. The reason for this is to try to unify the United States after the certain period of isolation, as when …show more content…

The speech was moving for everyone who were a part of it because it entitled the summit of years and years of hope. All of the tears running from faces and the cheers tell a story of the people. Through his skillful display of his speech and portraying on the pathos of the audiences, he was able to acquire support from the people and start his presidency off on a strong note, a note of

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