Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama Speech

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Name: Ngan Thu Bui SID#: 0860066 Class: Introduction to Argumentation (COMS-40) SPEECH ANALYSIS Every four years, American media and its people pay close attention to every speech within the U.S. presidential campaign. Last year, Hilary Clinton from Democratic and Donald Trump from Republican were two final candidates running for the U.S. presidency. The former First Lady, Michelle Obama showed her support for the Democratic presidential candidate by giving an emotional speech on Clinton’s campaign rally. This speech occurred in New Hampshire. In this paper, I’ll provide some information of the speech, discuss the main issues she addressed, and analyze the profound message of her speech. The former First Lady of the United States Michelle …show more content…

She did not mention Donald Trump in her speech. She only addressed him as Hilary’s opponent. Although Obama refused to even say his name, the audience all recognized that she was talking about the GOP nominee – Donald Trump. In terms of critical thinking, she employed the Ad Hominem to attack against Clinton’s opponent. Ad hominem is known as a logical fallacy which people use to attack others by their character. Obviously, Michelle Obama used Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct scandal and his abusive comment on women to oppose him as the U.S. President. She implied that Trump does not have the qualification to be the next U.S. President. Michelle Obama showed her disapproval for Donald Trump and persuaded everyone to vote for Clinton by listing Clinton’s achievements throughout her life and implied that Hilary has all the characteristics to be approved by the U.S. - “We know that when things get tough, Hilary doesn’t complain. She doesn’t blame others. She doesn’t abandon ship for something easier. No, Hilary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life.” “And yes, she happens to be a woman.” Michelle Obama was sending a clear message to all the Americans that if we let Hilary’s opponent win, we are misguiding our children. In conclusion, Michelle Obama’s speech in New Hampshire made a huge impact on U.S. citizens.

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