George Washington's Inaugural Speech Essay

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George Washington and Barack Obama had different views about how America would be like. On April 30, 1789 George Washington gave his inaugural speech and oathed to be the first president of the united states. On January 30, 2009 Barack Obama gave his inaugural speech. During George Washington speech senator William Maclay of pennsylvania remarked that George Washington looked agitated and embarrassed. During Obama's speech he looked confident and he acknowledge the crowd very well. They both thank god in their speeches but in different ways. George Washington was the first president of the United states. He served as the commander and chief of the revolutionary war. In his speech he started with My “Fellow citizens of the senate and House …show more content…

He acknowledged the divided nation,the rising cost of health care , the horrible recession that the country has faced with and the threat of terrorism.The natio just keeps getting difficult because homes and jobs have been lost , health care is to much , schools fail to may students, and energy like oil and gas make enemies stronger and threaten the health of the planet.Presidents before him have take the presidential Oath. He also thanks the people who have fought for the America. Men and women have struggled and sacrificed and worked thill their hands are raw so they might have a better life. “This is a the source of our confidence, the knowledge that god calls on us to shape an uncertain destiny.” He thanks god that different men, women, and children from different race can be together George Washington gave an excellent speech. George Washington was different from other presidents. He knew sooner or later that that future president would be paid. He didn't want the money. He was honored to serve his country. He would use the money to help the people of America. In his speech he mentions the constitution's, executive department, and the system that most citizens don’t like.honesty and generosity leads to great leads to great things. He takes full responsibility . He’s honored to serve as president of the United States of America.He thanks god for the way America was. George Washington and Barack Obama had great speeches. They both focused on different

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