Franklin Delano Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address

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Roosevelt used antithesis during his speech even though it was metaphorically weak. A typical example was in paragraph five (5). When he compared the risen of taxes and their inability to pay have fallen. Cultural Values By the look of the speech, Roosevelt gave the speech as a devout Christian. He spoke frankly about the bad situation the nation was facing. The Great Depression hurt the heart of many American people as they almost lost everything they value. By using the Christian more ideology, Roosevelt was able to establish himself as a trustworthy person in the eyes of his audience. The Christian moral ideology became more obvious at the end of his speech. During this section of the speech, Roosevelt connected himself with God and ended his speech with a prayer for America and its people. Conclusion Thought I was captivated by the opening statements of the speech. In such a critical time of hardship, Roosevelt appealed to the America people and captured the audience by explaining the importance of confidence. He used emotional and persuasive words that made his address so significant. His speech actual had a huge impact for many reasons. He addressed confidence, fear and presented himself as …show more content…

The composure and his vocal rhythm Roosevelt used was just pure genius. His intentions were clear, he wanted to reorganize and redirect government action for the betterment of the nation. He addressed the speech that day to inform American citizens of the problems the county faced and how he planned to solve them. He spoke with energy, fearless and shown a caring heart to the people during his speech. This led the people to trust him, and also it increased the effectiveness of his presentation, and I do not think the speech would have been said or presented any

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