Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Inaugural Speech During The Great Depression

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In Franklin Delano Roosevelts first inaugural speech in 1933, he was confronted with a huge test of the Great Depression. In his speech, what was most important to note was the main reason he spoke was to inform the people on what he going to do to bring back the nation back to its best shape. Giving the American people courage, and stirring new assurance as the new leader. Examining the ways he builds the pillars of public speaking. Throughout his speech he uses Ethos, Logos, and Pathos to get his point across, in establishing that he will be leading the country in a new and exciting way. Getting rid of the way of the Great Depression that has gone on, for too long and introducing the people to the glimpse of the new age. First off, in his speech FDR makes himself sympathetic to the audience by establishing honesty throughout the speech. At the time, the Great Depression took over. Destroying many lives due to the harsh economic recession. He was truthful about the situations of current America, identifying with, and letting the people know that he understands what they are going through. He has undergone the same feeling. …show more content…

Showing FDRs understanding of the impacts of these difficulties and is certain America will resolve them. Overall, the message of the speech was to inform the citizens of the many conflicts faced within the country and how Roosevelt plans to solve them, becoming the suitable President. Using the three pillars of persuasion; emotion, logic, and authority to achieve an impact of assuring the citizens. The speech helped raised confidence within the people, and informed plans to improve the

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