Franklin D. Roosevelt's Response To The Great Depression

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In the following days of October, an incredible misfortune occurred. This event would soon be known as “Black Tuesday”. This unfaithful day was the day where the stock market plummeted leading to a great crash in the economy. This led plenty of individuals to become homeless and live in a state of poverty. Many of these individuals began to create their own society's known as Hoovervilles. Hoovervilles could be understood as an enormous tent city within New York's Central Park. This era was known as the Great Depression, the worst economic downturn in U.S. history. Franklin D. Roosevelt responded in a diligent way mainly due to the fact that Roosevelt introduced The New Deal, which included many programs that served as benefactors to the public. Furthermore, Roosevelt's responses were quite effective because the unemployment rate decreased during his presidency. Lastly, the role of the federal government changed because they became more indulged in the lives of its citizens. …show more content…

Roosevelt’s responses to the Great Depression was effective mainly due to the fact that the percent of unemployment decreased during his time as president. For instance, in document F, the diagram explores how in the following years from 1929- 1943 there is an increase and decrease in unemployment. The diagram highlights how after the year of 1938, the percent of unemployment decreased more than fifty percent.(Doc.F). Therefore, the greatest percent of unemployment being decreased occurred right after “Fair Labor, Standard Act of 1938”. Furthermore, the diagram illustrates how the public is finding occupations to fill. This decline in unemployment is quite effective mainly due to the fact that more citizens will have money to spend contributing to the airing of the economy. Now that individuals are working, they are becoming consumers in which supply and demand will soon become into effect. This would lead to more jobs being created in order to support the demand for

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