Rhetorical Analysis Of The President George Washington's Farewell Address

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Washington’s Farewell Analysis Vanessa Bates Liberty University Online (GOVT 200-S02) Instructor: Sarah Barber November 22, 2015 The President George Washington’s Farewell Address is a letter written behalf of the president at that time George Washington for the American people. The Farewell Address is one of the most important writings in American history but was written by Alexander Hamilton. The presidents Farewell Address is filled with insight and urges the American people what our country is all about unity, tranquility, peace, and to keep liberty alive. The American people was not ready for the President George Washington resignation, it came as a surprise for Americans because George Washington was needed…show more content…
George Washington also acknowledge that he made mistakes himself and is far from a perfect individual but made clear to be open minded of criticism and corrections and to seek challenges by taking the easy routes in life. Washington’s Farewell Address is important part of our history and is taught up till this day to young American children in our schools and by Historians but few people understand the meaning and the importance behind the Farewell Letter. The Farewell Address the federal government, warnings against the party systems, the importance of religion and morality, warnings against forming a permanent foreign alliance, and a powerful military. George Washington has an overwhelming reputation by his military service, his position as our first president of the United States of America, and by leaving his position in office by leaving behind his Farewell Address to give present and future Americans insight on the history of our country and what it’s known for. It’s well encouraged to research what American history is about and how we can apply the Farewell Address into our life by living in peace, exercising our freedom of speech and choice or religions, along with respecting our governments and live in unity to achieve success. The Farewell Address
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