Fate And Free Will In The Matrix

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Fate and Free will are both two ideas that have a questionable outcome. Whether one has free will or fate the outcome for both is unknown until the end. In the Matrix, the computer generated world which humans "live" in, it appears that fate is key. The computer system is prewritten, predesigned, and already programed. However, free will starts to take place in the minds of the individuals who begin to escape. For Neo, he possesses free will. While many inside the Matrix appear to have only fate to direct them, he has free will and knows that there is something suspicious about the world. In the Matrix, fate working as the prewritten destiny for all is true, however for those who get out of the Matrix free will is awarded to them. Free will …show more content…

Free will and fate are very closely tied together in The Matrix, fate being the basis for those stuck in the Matrix and free will existing for those who think outside of the Matrix and can escape. For Neo he possesses free will, his prewritten destiny ended when Thomas Anderson did. Neo has his own free will. Neo had the choice of cooperating with the agents, which he declined to do so as he had his own free will and the Matrix couldn 't even force him to help. He had the choice of the blue or red pill, which all the people escaping from the Matrix had, proving that they all had free will because they made their own decision as what they could handle. Neo 's final proof of his free will was his ability to become the One. Because Neo had the ability to disregard the oracle telling him he wasn 't the One and Morpheus insisting he was the One. He forged his own path and became the One through understanding himself. Neo held his free will when deciding to save Morpheus even after the oracle said that either he or Morpheus would die, to which the only person that died was his old self as Thomas Anderson. Neo fought against the concept of fate. His use of free will allowed for him to become the One and help the cause he

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