Romeo And Juliet Fate Vs Free Will Essay

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The theme of Fate vs. Free Will is dominant in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet; however the theme of fate is more significant than free will. In the play both Romeo and Juliet meeting was contributed by fate as Shakespeare mentioned in the prologue that Romeo and Juliet were star-crossed lovers that were meant to meet, fall in love and their death would be the reason for the feud to end between the two families. Fate was the reason Capulet’s servant asked Romeo and Benvolio to help him read the invitation for him that contained all the names of the people that were invited to the ball Capulet hosted. “…If you be not of the house of Montagues, I pray come and crush a cup of wine. Rest you merry” (Shakespeare 1.2.81-83). The servant decided …show more content…

In act 3 after Tybalt’s and Mercutio’s deaths, Benvolio tells Romeo that the prince will probably punish him with a death sentence if he get caught and he should flee away quickly. Romeo’s reply was “O, I am fortune’s fool” (3.1.132). Romeo here is saying that he is destined for bad luck and misfortune all his life which is a reference to the prologue where it says that Romeo and Juliet are destined for bad luck and that their deaths will eventually lead to peace between their families. In short, Romeo is once again blaming fate for the bad decision he made about killing Tybalt, his cousin. In a smilier way, in act 1 Romeo has shown that he truly believes that his life is controlled by destiny and fate when he talked about a dream that he had with Benvolio and Mercutio before heading to the

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