Examples Of Free Will In Romeo And Juliet

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Throughout everyone's life, decisions are made using free will. But in the end, fate is what determines the outcome of everything. In the book Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, there are decisions made by the characters using their free will, but no decisions could’ve stopped the tragedy of there love. All of the events leading up to Romeo and Juliet's death were not caused by free will, but they were caused by fate. In the beginning of the book is where the smallest thing started it all. While Romeo was in town, he was approached by an illiterate Capulet servant named Peter. Romeo was asked to read the guest list for a Capulet party to Peter, because Peter didn’t know how to read. “I pray, sir, can you read?” After reading the list, …show more content…

When friar John goes to tell Romeo of the plan, he is stopped because of a plague, and no one is aware of this until after Juliet drinks the potion. “I could not send it,-here it is again,- nor get a messenger to bring it to thee, so fearful they were of infection” Friar John explains he could not deliver the letter because the plague would not leave Mantua. “...Suspecting that we both were in a house where plague victims lived, sealed the doors and would not let us leave.” If their was never a sickness or plague, Friar John would have been able to deliver the news in time, and everything would have gone as planned, no one would’ve died. After Romeo being asked to read the guest list, Juliet having terrible visions, and the plague, it is clear that the death of the two star-crossed lovers was not decided by free will, but by fate. Everything that happened was totally out of there control, but it happened in this way because it was fate, and it was supposed to happen this way. A lot of people like to think that they have all control of everything that happens in there life, but some things happen for a reason, and free will cannot determine what the outcome will

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