Examples Of Fate Over Free Will In Dante's Inferno

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Destiny over Free will Free will is a term unheard of nowhere days because of how much the media portrays that we have to do what other people say such as politicians. Some people are destined to think that everything we say and do has already been written out in a script somewhere in heaven and that God already knows what we are going to do before we even do it. People do not possess free will but are governed by fate because in Dante's Inferno the people who were brought down to hell were brought down because they were destined to go down the wrong path and that's why they are in hell and there are special places for people whose fate was a little too heinous and they were forced to go in the middle of heaven and hell and sometimes other people are also destined to lead us to our fate such as Virgil in Dante's inferno. People do not possess free will but are governed by fate because we think we have a choice to change our decisions but what if …show more content…

It is not his decision that we commit these sins but it was already written and that is why our fate is already destined for us because as much as we would want to change but maybe changing is already written in our fate that's why there are people who feel are fated into doing change for the better but it could always be there trickster side because some forms of evil in the world today is tricking and lying such as in the “epic of gilgamesh” when humbaba tried to turn against his master because he was defeated in battle and he cried for help from the gods but he already finished his purpose in life and that was his

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