The Importance Of Spirituality In Nursing

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Question 1: The term “anonymous minister” means that there is an unspoken and close connection between nursing and spirituality. Among all the nurses interviewed, many of them saw their professions as a calling from a higher power. For example on page 78, Catherine who has been a nurse for 25 years states” I see nursing as a spiritual vocation. It is much more than work; I find it a way of serving”. Being messenger of Good Faith is a characteristic that I found very appealing. This is the kind of nurse I hope to be. I want to be there for my patients with my faith during the hardest times. Also I want to help them understands that God is wonderful and he is always present among us.
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In many instances, people turn to us healthcare providers to understand why a family member passed away. The question I asked to them when a patient dies “Are you spiritual and if yes would you want to me to get a Chaplin”. Some of them are grateful and asked for me to pray with them, which seems to give them peace. I always try not to force my beliefs on them and I try to offer help in any way I can. Finally, video one really enlighten us on the importance of spirituality for nurses. The narrator talks about patients’ needs of spirituality during health crisis. Many studies have shown that spiritual well-being makes an impact on how patients respond to illness. Nurses are primary care givers, thus responsible of patients’ spiritual needs and …show more content…

However most of them believe in God and in the power of prayer. Also, they hope to have a special place where they can pray. For example on page 114, a renal failure patient though she might die, but she was reassured by the minister who prayed for her. In addition she also got the support of the church members. In other cases, patients question the existence of God and why he is allowing suffering. On page 114 a patient stated “sometimes when I am having a bad day, you know, why is this happening to me? I say to God”. As nurse, it is important to help a patient understand their struggles and offer to pray with them. This chapter emphasize on the power of praying with a patient when possible. A family member states on page 115 “I was particularly touched when she prayed for Jonathan in the Hospital”. She was talking about being grateful to the nurse for praying. This text help me understand the importance of spirituality in healthcare settings and how I need to make sure this is also a “calling” for me. The insights I gain from the book is that God loves us more than anyone and we should love him only in return.
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“Suffering is the consequences of our sins”. Humans disobey God and if God does not do anything about it because of our nature we will keep doing it. God has created with free will therefore we choose to disobey him, which means unconsciously we

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