The Matrix And Harrison Bergeron Comparison Essay

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Comparison and Contrast- The Matrix and Harrison Bergeron- Hero Stages The Matrix, written and directed by the Wachowski Brothers, and Harrison Bergeron, written by Kurt Vonnegut, share a variety of similarities and differences. Both of these works follow Joseph Campbell's Hero’s Journey in different ways and depicts a corrupted future. The Matrix is a ‘false reality’ initially created to be a perfect world for humans to reside in while the story, Harrison Bergeron, depicts a world in which people are forced to wear transmitters, sacks of birdshot and masks to coat their extraordinary gifts. This world is controlled by a government who believes that lowering talented people's intelligence, beauty and athletic skill will make everyone feel equal. A few common themes shared between both of these works is the idea of freedom and control. In the Matrix, freedom is portrayed as the real world, Zion. The Matrix is a world that is controlled by the machines which Neo soon realises and wishes to escape. Although Zion is overrun by machines, Neo still wishes to dwell within Zion rather than have machines controlling his life and his memories unlike Cypher who believes that…show more content…
These elements play a major role in both The Matrix and Harrison Bergeron. In the Matrix, fate is considered intangible. Neo comes to this realisation and attempts to change his fate. The Oracle had informed him that either he or Morpheus would die if he was to make an attempt to rescue Morpheus. Neo disregarded and ignored what The Oracle had said and decided to take control of his life and to change his fate. He had made the choice to save both himself and Morpheus and face the enemy. Harrison Bergeron, like Neo, followed his own path and attempted to make a difference in his world. He wanted to change the system and broadcast his death in an attempt to show the cruelty and corruption of the government.

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