Persuasive Essay On Harrison Bergeron

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The story, Harrison Bergeron really shows the importance of diversity and for every individual to have a right to be unique. The government trying to make every thing completely fair is actually unfair to people who can 't get any excitement in a world like this. Limiting peoples thinking will also strongly slow any advances in technology, maybe even to a stop, so they might never solve some of the very important problems they face. Same with strength, if someones is in danger to an animal or a malfunctioning machine they will need to be able to escape. So really a world thats completely fair is impossible to create. Others may think that everyone should be equal, but this is taking it to far. Since everyone has to be absolutely equal in mental and physical strength, no matter who you are, you 'd be equal with the mentally and physically challenged people. As seen in the story there are mentally challenged people and in order for everyone to be equal they would only be able to think as much as them. So …show more content…

Not only would it be dangerous and boring, but it would also just be really difficult to enforce such laws. Using bags full of weights to limit ones strength isn 't that effective, in fact it makes the person stronger than before, so eventually you couldn 't even on more weight and the person would remain much stronger than most people. Although it is easy for them to limit the thoughts of someone, it will still upset and might start an uprising of rebels to take down the government. It wouldn 't be a surprise if the people would go against these laws eventually. So these rule couldn 't last long. So, in conclusion nobody would want to live in a world like this, and it wouldn 't be very efficient. Not only that, it would be impossible to make a world perfectly fair, so why try to. So ultimately this story presents the reasons why complete fairness is foolish to try and create and really couldn 't happen so hopefully this never happens in the

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