Harrison Bergeron Literary Analysis Essay

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One common afternoon in the year of 2081, when everyone was equal, Hazel and George Bergeron were in their lovely living room watching television. Suddenly, a news reporter with a severe speech impediment came on. After trying many times to say, “Good morning ladies and gentlemen,” he handed it off to a ballerina who read, “Harrison Bergeron, age 14, has just escaped from jail, where he was held on suspicion of plotting to overthrow the government. He is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.” However, in this short story “Harrison Bergeron”, Kurt Vonnegut uses irony, shift and mood, and allusion to illustrated haw society would be if everyone was under the law of equality. Kurt Vonnegut, the author, uses irony to help the reader understand the way the United States could take a horrifying turn by 2081 if worldwide equality was implemented. One example of irony that the author uses is the education and IQ level of the people, which is lower than the government. The government can then control human beings with higher IQ and stronger built by giving them handicaps. Hazel and George are two representations of the two types of people in …show more content…

Mary Douglas quipped, “Inequality can have a bad downside, but equality, for its part, sure does get in the way of coordination.” Yes, inequality can have bumps in the road as she states with a bad downside. However, equality can bring in more than a bumpy road; it can tear down the balance of nature. Ultimately, equality could distract us from our relationship with God due to the excellence no one can compete with; Our world without God can lead us to this twisted, ungodly, and most terrifying place if we as a people decide for worldwide equality starting

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