Harrison Bergeron And 2081 Comparison Essay

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Harrison Bergeron was a book written in 1961 that portrayed an abnormal child defying the dystopian government; in 2009 a movie was made, based off of it called 2081 that changed the character both physically and morally. The differences in how Harrison Bergeron, the main character, appears in each story changes how the audience perceives his morality. These changes are easily highlighted in Harrison’s age, dialogue, and appearance. The tone of the story is also changed, resulting in similar changes to what the audience interprets. As both stories continue these differences become more and more apparent and by the end, there is a clear split in what the audience ‘takes away’. Overall, Harrison Bergeron and 2081 are both centered around the same characters …show more content…

This is one of the few similarities between these two stories. In 2081, Harrison is a 20 year old man who has much deeper thinking about his actions. His age affects the audience hugely, as he gives off the impression that he is a very intellectual thinker who can articulate his plans to the most meticulous detail. Along with this, he is wearing few handicaps and appears very human as the story sticks closely to something that might be possible in real life. His dialogue follows suit in being human due to the that he speaks like an adult, forming fully thought out sentences. An example of this is when Harrison says, “And I say to you, that if it is greatness we must destroy, then let us drag our enemy out of the darkness, where it has been hiding. Let us shine a light so, at last, all the world can see!”. It is clear from this sentence that Harrison is intellectual and determined. This ties into the tone of Harrison having a motive behind his actions. The tone carries till the very end of the story when Harrison dies as a martyr, like he wanted

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