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A feather drifts along the wind, never knowing where it’s gone, only where it’s been before; floating aimlessly through it’s life. After so long, Forrest has to begin his own journey. Forrest was raised by his mother, played football in college, drafted into the army, and then even became a shrimp boat captain. Drifting through the wind, knowing not where his next adventure lies. A feather is free, not bound to any one path. Destiny is a concept which most of us are quite familiar with. Some believe that it’s predetermined, while others believe that life is free flowing. Whether or not that’s right, the feather in Forrest Gump represents both Freedom and Origin. Everyone wants to be somewhere, do something great, leave a legacy behind. How we go about this is different for every person, how we start is the key. We all have to start somewhere, a small shop, a garage, or even the classroom. As we progress …show more content…

You actively choose what you’re going to do. That’s the idea of a free Destiny. That not everything is set in stone, that not everything will happen in a specific order. Forrest Gump is shown by his mother at a young age that he is no different than anyone else. That he has the ability to become greater than those around him. That he can choose to live his life how he wants.. That is the concept of free destiny. Forrest Gump live a very interesting life. Coming from an origin of insignificance, crippled, and helpless, to growing into nothing but a success. He had his fair share of problems, but the key is that he chose never to let himself be discouraged. That he would always, remember his origins and find his own destiny. A feather is both care free and bound to the wind. It comes from somewhere, it’s always going somewhere. Forrest once said that he believed in making his own destiny. That you had to do what was best with what you

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