Role Of Antonio In Bless Me Ultima

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How can one woman completely turn the life of a young boy upside down and change his life forever? In Bless Me, Ultima, Ultima, an old curandera who leads a boy, Antonio, on possibly the most spectacular and terrifying adventure he will ever experience in his life. Antonio, the protagonist in this novel, is a young boy who receives help from Ultima in order to find his own identity. "Always have the strength to live. Love life, and if the despair enters your heart, look for me in the evenings when the wind is gentle and the owls sing in the hills. I shall be with you-" (26). In this novel you will experience the indestructible bond between Ultima and Antonio. Ultima serves as a guide for Antonio when he is presented with an unexpected predicament. For example, when Antonio witnessed the death of Lupito, Ultima and her owl lead him through this traumatic experience, and supplied him with enough mental nourishment that calms him through this horrific event. "Will he go to hell?" I asked. "That is not for us to say, Antonio. The …show more content…

When Narciso died, Ultima showed Antonio the harsh reality that comes with every human life. "Do not worry about Tenorio's threats, he has no manly strength to carry them out. He murdered Narciso because he ambushed him in cold blood, but he will not find me easy to ambush-" (189). Antonio understood her words and learned to avoid Tenorio no matter the struggle he went through. He never went against her words because he her words had powerful meaning behind them was pure truth. While travelling home with his uncle Pedro, Antonio became ambushed by Tenorio. At first, he thought he was his target, but later understood that Ultima was his primary goal at the moment and he was just a warmup for the main event. Once he reached his home he dashed towards the door in order to warn the family, but was stopped by

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