Personal Narrative Essay: Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving It was thanksgiving morning and little Timmy was very excited. It was his first time staying over at Grandma 's and Grandpa’s since his parents were gone on a vacation. As he got up he smelled coffee and bread coming from downstairs. His grandparents apartment was one level above the bakery that they owned. Timmy was very confused, he thought he heard Grandma say the they the bakery wasn’t going to be open since it was Thanksgiving. He walked out of the guest room and went the apartments kitchen and they weren’t there. Although Timmy had never slept over at his grandparents before he had been there before and knew how to get around. He went down to the bakery and heard 3 voices. 2 of them he had never heard before. As he came down the stairs his Grandma was just about to come upstairs. “Hello Timmy!” She hugged him and then said softly in his ear, “We have special guest today joining …show more content…

“Hey kid, how’s it going?” Timmy replied “Pretty good, thank you” The man smiled and took a sip of his coffee. Grandma said “These two men were out on the street with nowhere to go for thanksgiving and Grandpa asked if they wanted to come in for breakfast” Just then Grandpa came in and with the newspaper and some food for tonight. Once he got situated everyone sat down at the table. Timmy knew the prayer the Grandpa and Grandma always said before a meal and so they folded their hands and pray. The boys stared at them confused, once they were done praying Timmy asked them, “Do you know how to pray?” “Pray?” with boy the cigarette said. “Nope I never have in my life” Grandma look surprised, almost frightened at the sound of that. “Well young men we have some learning to do” And then whole rest of the night Timmy, Grandma, and Grandpa taught the two boys about God. And how thanksgiving not only celebrating our country 's friendship with the Native Americans, but how God blesses us and we should be

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