Short Story: A Colonial Family's Reaction To The Stamp Act

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A Colonial family’s Reaction to the Stamp Act. “Ma? What is happening in the town with all those men? I heard something about the French and Indian war. Are we okay ma?” Sadie asked he mother with a curious look on her face. “We are perfectly safe Sadie, The French and Indian war was a thing of the past. The men in the town are rioting about something. Pa went to town to see what he could learn.” Ma said smiling scraping eggs onto Sadie’s plate along with the plate in front of her. John, Sadie’s brother, sped down the stairs and when he sat in his chair he began to inhale his eggs. “Where are your manners John?” Sadie said eating a forkful of eggs. “Blehhhh” John said sticking out his tongue revealing his chewed up food. Pa walked in and slammed the door. “Close your mouth boy. …show more content…

I told you this is taxation without representation. They think they can just become more strict and demanding out of nowhere? We will show them. We must configure against the parliament. That is the fastest way to ban this act. “Harold. The British are taxed more than us anyway. If England is in debt why would you make the English pay for their own debt when that would cause more debt? Giving us the tax seems like the wisest thing to do. Am I incorrect?” “No, but the tax is not the problem! We have been over this. We counted on the tax. The problem is it is trying to shape us into something that we are not. Do I make myself clear?” “When was the act established Harold?” “March 22 of this year, why?” “When did they say it was to be official?” “November first of this year. I honestly don’t see how this helps our conversation at all Janice.” “ Sadie, John, grab your coats we are going to the Virginia House of Burgesses to protest your fathers point. I agree 100% with the points you kids have stated to me today.” As Ma, Pa, Sadie, and John all began to walk to the Virginia House of Burgesses they all shouted in unison. “ TAXATION WITHOUT

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