The 1765 Stamp Act: The Revolutionary

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The Sons of Liberty were much like modern day Isis. From burning houses to murder, they were a group of people no one dared to provoke. The famous rebel group took a stand against the British Parliament for what they believed was right. They gave colonists hope in not only their future, but also America’s future. The Sons of Liberty are important because they secured America’s future, showed bravery, and formed the Continental Congress. The organization consisted of only nine members at the start of their creation in the summer of 1765. They called themselves “The Loyal Nine”. They were very unorganized and lacked people. The leader of the Loyal Nine at the time was a shoemaker named Ebenezer Mackintosh. “Membership was made up of males from all walks of colonial society, but notorious in recruiting taven mongers, wharf rat, and other seedy characters looking to cause …show more content…

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