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The Commoners and Wealth Reaction to the Stamp Act March 22, 1765 a new tax passed called the Stamp Act. The Stamp Act was to help British troops settled, I the colonies during the 7 years of war. A tax represented by a stamp on many papers,documents, and playing cards. Stamp Act was imposed by the British government and without approval of the colonial legislatures. The word spread around colonial families. Stamp act was a tax that they had to pay a small amount of money on everything even on every printed paper. The word spread around different groups of colonial families reacted differently to the Stamp Act. When the Stamp Act was passed different groups of colonial families reacted differently to the Stamp Act. One of the groups are the commoners. When commoners heard about the stamp act they all had reacted angrily. Commoners didn 't think it was unfair because they have a right to vote for this new rule too. Commoners set John Hughes 's house on fire while he and his family were still in the house. Most of the commoners didn 't not accept this. They would not let the government make them pay a tax on prized paper or anything …show more content…

Different groups of colonial families reacted reacted differently to the Stamp Act was the wealthiest of colonial families. The wealthy colonial families also reacted the same as the commoners, but were a lot less violent than the commoners. Wealthy people acted angrily they wrote letters to the British. They were protesting against this law. The wealthy colonial families were angry, but didn 't burn houses down. Wealthy colonial families, mostly reacted writing angry letters or threatening anonymous letters to the British. Colonist is insulting their majesty. Families saying the Stamp Act was unfair and unconstitutional. People who were protesting made a new secret organization the Sons of Liberty. New secret organizations often turned violent and massacres became involved. When the wealth people found about the

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