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  • Post Occupation Boston

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    Post-occupation Boston was different to today’s cities in a multitude of ways. Many differences were due to the time period but some were specific to Boston’s political and geographic landscapes. Like other recovering cities between 1775 and 1880 Boston had to deal with issues regarding; sanitation, congestion, and regulation. Over time many of these issues have been fixed as local and central government became more established. Established in 1630, Boston was one of the earlier settlements in

  • The Boston Massacre: The Cause Of The Boston Revolution

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    The Boston Massacre was an accident in the beginning, but it continued to go on until it reached an extent where it could be an accident no longer. The real question is when did this accident start, and when did it get too far? Some say it should have never happened. others say it was the start of the revolution. Captain Thomas Preston was a British officer stationed in Massachusetts staying in a home with other soldiers under the Quartering Act. They were banging on things with clubs yelling

  • Boston Marathon Bombing

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    The Boston Marathon Bombings, prompted various actions and responses by people and groups in Boston and the USA, as well as around the world. These actions and responses changed over time and went through different phases as the events began to unfold. At first the over-riding reaction and response to the bombings, right through from runners who were participating at the time, spectators, residents of Boston City, through to politicians and world leaders was one of sadness and compassion for those

  • Response To The Boston Massacre

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    I think that the British soldiers acted in self defense during the Boston Massacre. The colonists were threatening and provoking the soldiers by shouting vulgarly, beating people with clubs, and throwing rocks covered in snow, so I believe that the soldiers had a right to fight for their lives. Just take a moment to imagine the Boston massacre, it’s late at night and people are tired and confused. The colonists are shouting “Fire and be damned, who cares! Damn you, you dare not fire,” (Exhibit B)

  • Preston's Trial In Boston

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    the sentry. Efforts to calm the crowd failed and when the crowd surrounded the crew retreat was impossible. One of the crew fired and the rest followed on what seemed to be a direct order from Preston leaving five dead and six injured. The town of Boston had been uneasy even before the “Massacre”. Tension had been building up since the early 1760s because the town was affected by the forces of migration and change. With the new slate of taxes known as the Townshend Duties, people like Samuel Adams

  • The Boston Massacre And The Boston Tea Party

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    of the Boston Massacre. Two young boys threw snow at the soldiers. They did this, because the King had been sending the soldiers in group after group constantly. The King was doing this to gain power. The colonists were frightened they didn’t know what to do. So they fought back at the soldiers. Starting with the two boys. The boys continued to through snow, and ice; while others were closing in. The soldiers shot into the crowd; killing three men, and injuring eight others.

  • The Boston Tea Party And The Boston Massacre

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    There were many key events and people that led up to the American Revolution. Two of them being the The Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre. These events are very important to history because these were the first of many events that helped with the establishment of independence from Britain. The colonist left their country and sailed across the oceans in hopes of starting a new life in a new world. However, the British government didn't give them that opportunity by controlling them. A turning

  • Who Is To Blame For The Boston Massacre

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    against the taxes creating tension between the two sides. Since this happened, the British soldiers are the ones to blame for the Boston Massacre. The British Soldiers are responsible for the Boston Massacre According to the Committee of Boston, (Sam Adams, John Hancock and more…)“ This is without warning of their intention and killed 3 on the spot.” Also. According to the Boston Gazette, “ The soldiers continued firing continuously till seven or eight or, as some say 11 guns were discharged.” The British

  • The Boston Massacre: Guilty Or Murder?

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    fired into a crowd on King’s Street in Boston. Five people died and the soldiers were charged with murder. The events of the Boston Massacre made the colonies hunger for independence even stronger, however I believe that the soldiers are not guilty of committing murder. I will prove through historical accounts and eyewitness testimony that the British Soldiers are indeed not guilty of murder, but were acting purely out of self-defense. William Sawyer, a Boston citizen, gave this account of the incident

  • New Boston Fair

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    The 33rd annual Fair at New Boston was an outdoor, living history event held on Labor Day weekend at George Rogers Clark Park in Springfield, Ohio. The two day only event was open to the public for a reasonable admission fee, and was sponsored by a diverse group of prominent companies and local businesses, which included Red Lobster, Hampton by Hilton, Young’s Jersey Dairy, Indian Creek Distillery, and Champion City Cross Fit. Moreover, the Fair at New Boston’s extensive roster included battle reenactments

  • Propaganda In Paul Revere's The Boston Massacre

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    On March 5th, 1770 an event broke out on King’s Street in Boston that would forever shape the course of history. This event is the Boston Massacre, although the term “massacre” is a misnomer, as only five people died at this historic event. It is due to the many depositions, news articles, and other propaganda forms that were released after this event that this misnomer took hold. Propaganda is defined as “information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement

  • Boston Powl Research Papers

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    The Boston Celtics (/ˈsɛltɪks/) are an American professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The Celtics compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a member club of the league 's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division. Founded in 1946 and one of eight NBA teams (out of 23 total teams) to survive the league 's first decade, the team is owned by Boston Basketball Partners LLC. The Celtics play their home games at the TD Garden, which they share with the National Hockey League

  • American Revolution: The Boston Massacre

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    were the results of violence by cruel people. One of the major events, though, contained all of the three reasons, and it is widely known as The Boston Massacre. Some people interpret the Boston Massacre as an event based on rage, but it was, in fact, nearly the opposite. It was based very little on rage, in fact, it was mostly an accident. The infamous Boston Massacre of March 5, 1770 was the result of the Patriots protesting, Britain’s outrageous laws, and the gruesome consequences wounded three, and

  • Night Of The Boston Tea Party Analysis

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    The Night of the Boston Tea Party I am about to talk about my grandfather John, he was in the Boston Tea party. He blames the Loyalist because of their unfair taxes, unfair rules, and think they have the blame for the Boston Tea Party. He was the bravest Patriot I knew. So without further ado this is my grandfather's journey through the Boston Tea Party. It was December 16, 1773 John was talking about how he did not like the British taxes and laws to his wife Mary. His best friend Sam comes up

  • Cause Of The Boston Massacre

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    happened in the Boston Massacre. It all started in Boston one fateful day. The British came to Boston and the people of Boston were not happy about it. By examining the boston massacre and the causes of it, It is clear that this was an important part in the revolutionary war. the Boston Massacre was that many of the colonist were upset by the fact that they had to share a house with a british soldier. This was called the quartering act. This was a start up leading to the Boston Massacre.Eventually

  • Boston Celtics: Performance Analysis

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    At this point in the season, the Boston Celtics are starting to look like an enigma. One moment they play like one of the better teams in the Eastern conference, only to turn around and lose to the Brooklyn Nets, one of the conference 's worst teams based on its record. In order to make it in this league, a team has to go out every night and deliver a consistent effort win or lose. Apparently, the Celtics aren 't quite there yet. However, they did just recently bring a little two game road losing

  • Boston Tea Riots

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    Before the French and Indian War, the colonists paid very few taxes. After the war, Britain decided that the American Colonists should pay for the Boston Tea Party since they dumped all the tea in an attempt to protest the taxes on tea. The British tried to punish the colonists by introducing three new laws for the colonists to follow. They decided to tighten control, limit settlements, and raise the tax revenue. the colonists responded by protesting. the boycotted, and also rioting. Rioting proved

  • Why Did Adams Decide To The Boston Massacre

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    On March 5, 1770 a street fight occurred between a mob of Boston citizens and British soldiers. The soldiers were increasingly unwelcome in Boston so the citizens threw snowballs, stones, and sticks at the group of soldiers who had been stationed here- the soldiers retaliated. The citizens were very outnumbered and the fight resulted in five deaths and six injuries from Boston. Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty named this event the Boston Massacre. The morning after, John Adams was sitting in his

  • The Enlightenment And Turmoil In Boston

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    turmoil in Boston, but by far the biggest cause was governmental interference. While the colonies generally had control over the way they were governed, over the years the British government introduced more and more policy that affected the Americans in ways that they felt violated their rights, and led them to revolt against their oppressors. Turmoil in Boston Boston was a center for conflict and turmoil during the periods leading up to the American Revolution. The Boston massacre, the Boston tea party

  • Capital Punishment Essay: The Boston Massacre

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    to get to the situation. The Boston Massacre is best understood in the context of several other key historic events.” “The heavy presence of British troops in Boston that lead to the fatal shooting was the direct results of the Townshend Acts passed by British Parliament to impose additional taxes on common products imported into the Colonies. These products among others included paper, glass and tea.”2 “On October 1, 1768 a group of British regulars arrived in Boston, MA to maintain order. The civilians