Boston Massacre Dbq

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One of the most historical incidents that has happened in the world would be the Boston Massacre, which took place on March 5, 1770. Even though this event happened many years ago, it is something that is still talked about heavily today in history. There will always be one person that people will relate to this massacre, Paul Revere. If no one knows anything about him, they will know him by his famous line, “The British are coming”. However, Paul Revere was not the only notable person that should be related to this affair. The details of this massacre has seemed to be one-sided and it is time to get other point of views from this historical day in history. Most of the time when the details of the Boston Massacre are told, the details talk about the dispute that occurred. However, looking at Paul Revere’s etching, it makes it seem deeper than a dispute. This etching actually portrays what people would think a massacre is. It is clearly noted in the text that Paul Revere was not present when the incident took place (Document 5.8, 156). However, Revere took the word from mouth and decided to run with it even though some of the things that he alleged may or may not have been true. Paul depicted this event the way he …show more content…

He has been labeled as an accountable witness that was there from beginning to end. He watched them leave from their post and walked behind them all the way down to the Customs House where there were plenty of colonist gathered. Most of Wyatt’s statement relates back to what Paul Revere depicted in his etching. However, Revere forgot to add the part where the colonist was provoking the situation. According to the statement that Wyatt gave, “lads had sticks in their hands, laughing, shouting, huzzaing, and crying fire” (Document 5.6, 154). Even though the soldiers were provoked, it still did not give them the right to fire their

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