Crispus Attucks A Symbol For The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre was a very important event that happened in American history. It took place on the evening of March 5,1770. The Boston Massacre led to the American Revolution. My Monument will represent the musket that shot a black man named Crispus Attucks. Crispus Attucks was a symbol for abolitionists. A abolitionist is a person who wants to end the practice or institution of something, an example could be slavery.

The Boston Massacre Marker represents the location of the Boston Massacre and where the 5 civilians were killed. John Adams, the second president of the United States defended the soldiers who murdered the 5 civilians. The Boston Massacre Marker has a ring of cobblestones in it,while the center has a star on it. It’s all surrounded by a bronze ring, on the ring it has the date on it and on the top it marks, “Site of the Boston Massacre”. The location where the marker is placed is not the original location, Massachusetts Historical society decided to put the marker in a corner of State and Exchange …show more content…

He was the first victim to die from The Boston Massacre.Crispus Attucks was shot by a redcoat called Private Montgomery.The man who killed Crispus Attucks was hit with a stick and he decided to fire into the crowd killing 5 civilians including Crispus Attucks.

Crispus Attucks, Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, Patrick Carr, and James Coldwell were the 5 civilians killed in The Boston Massacre.They were all buried in the same grave. All of their remains in one grave.The obituary showed four coffins with their initials on them.

There is a memorial to the Boston Massacre Victims in Granary Burying ground. The soldiers who killed the victims in The Boston Massacre were separately tried. The grave marker has the names of the victims written on the stone.The memorial was placed in January

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