Why Is Fort Ticonderoga Important

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Fort Ticonderoga had a been a key access point to Canada and the Hudson River Valley during the French and Indian War in 1755, so it was just as vital during the American Revolutionary War from 1775 until it was later recaptured by the British. The Continental Army realized that it would be important if they wanted to do anything in the northern part of the colonies they would need Fort Ticonderoga as a military hub. The fort was currently occupied by a British squadron. In order to capture the fort the Continental Army would need soldiers, and soldiers they got. The Green Mountain Boys, led by Ethan Allen of Vermont, and a continental squad, led by Benedict Arnold of Massachusetts, were chosen to deliver the revolution’s first rebellion victory. (Capture of Fort Ticonderoga)
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(Benedict Arnold)
Fort Ticonderoga had been in French control before the British later occupied it in the early 1770’s. While in French control the Fort was named Fort Carillon, which is “tower bell” in French, and served as a great outpost along the Hudson River Valley and the southern border of Canada. After the British took the fort they renamed it Fort Ticonderoga, which means “between two waters” in Iriqous, and again used it as a great outpost to control the waters around Northeastern New York. (Capture of Fort Ticonderoga)
The early morning of May 10, 1775 Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen led their troops across Lake Champlain onto the other side to Fort Ticonderoga where they silently snuck into the fort while the British were still sleeping. They ended up capturing the majority as prisoners of war while only killing a couple in confrontation. Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and the Green Mountain Boys were conceived as war heroes in the next couple of days

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