Summary Of Women's Participation In The Inner Civil War

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Justin Lau (Wingkit) Professor Rogers History 100AC 29 September 2015 Response Paper: “The Women Is as Bad as the Men- Women 's Participation in the Inner Civil War.”, “General Benjamin Butler and the threat of Sexual Violence during the American Civil War”, “General Butler and the Women” and “The Other Side of the Freedom” A lot of North Carolina women showed uncooperative actions on the disorderliness by participating the protest in order to maintain their communities and social orders. These women would prefer to join the conflict that separated state and community rather than being its victims. Thus, their loyalties to husbands and sons, and strong determination of protecting their own property prompted them to disregard the female’s conventional behaviors. Bynum writes “woman have held their own very well on the “front line” against encroaching militia officers send to disloyal regions of the state to arrest deserters and evaders of the Confederate army.” Bynum emphasized the importance of women’s positions in evading the militia. They’re the visible partner who responsible for their children’s security. So women are the reliable sources that know the whereabouts of their family (husband and son). The significance of female participation in the striking concretizes the conditions of …show more content…

According to the article, Feimster suggests, “statistically, during the civil war many southern women fear sexual assault, and hundred, perhaps thousands of women suffered rape. Even though the military defined rape as a crime punishable by court-martial, even execution.” As a result, sexual violation of women had been prevalent during the civil

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