Personal Narrative Essay On Six Flags

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“ Do you guys want to go to six flags” , asked my aunt Paula. Then I asked my mom,“ Can I go to six flags with Paula and everyone else?”My mom asked,“who’s going” I said,“ Paula,Samuel,Hans,Quejo, Jackie.” My mom said,“ Let me go talk with dad,” I said ok.” Then she came back and said,“ Yes you can go.” My mom said,“ Bye and have fun.” I got in the car, Although I thought about the scary rides, I was playing on the phone. Although I was scared of high rides, I was excited to spend time with my uncles, aunts and friends. When we were in line I was anxious to get in Six Flags. First we got on a pony ride and my aunt and friend were on snapchat the whole ride taking snaps. Then we got of and I pretended to be batman. I pretended to fly and my aunt posted the snap on snapchat and sent the snap to my mom. After we got on goliath a very non scary ride (the ride seemed scary at first.) When I was in line, I was very anxious about going on the ride but at the same time i was a little scared. Than we went on Green Lantern. It was high I was really scared it felt like I …show more content…

Before we got lost, we were all trying to go to the concert and all of us are together and we didn’t know where we were going.Then we saw the ride superman and we start ed talking how high is the ride. Then my aunt said,“I don’t think Susy would have gone on that ride.” Then we squeeze in the crowd because there was a lot of people. Then we got to the concert and me and my 2 uncles, Hans, Quejo, and his girlfriend Jackie went to the front and my aunt Paula and her boyfriend stayed to get a drink. Then all of us call her and she appeared then we went out of six flags. We got back together we were together we were happy. Although we were ending all the fun,we got to see the beautiful fireworks. My uncle Quejo went to go get the car. My aunt was calling my grandma to tell her about the fireworks. My grandma finally answered and said,“ Beautiful fireworks.” Then we went home to go to sleep and

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