Personal Narrative: Goliath

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“Ready!?”My mom said. We were going to go to Six Flags but, I was not too excited for only one reason the Goliath. It was only me my brothers and my mom we have been planning this day for a year and it was better for my brothers because Pokémon GO came out a week before. It was around 12 o’clock at noon and I was praying that my brothers would forget that they said I was going to ride the Goliath this year but I forgot that when you get close enough the first thing you see is in fact the Goliath. My brothers were walking when we first got there because they were playing Pokémon. After a while we got tired of walking around Six Flags. Out of nowhere my brothers said in unison “It’s time to go ride the Goliath!” “NO! Can’t we just ride some roller coasters I rode before like the Skyscraper or the luney toons one?” I told him. In…show more content…
My brothers got super bored that they went to the Goliath but not by themselves they forced me to go. Next, my idea was to go to the restroom but it was no use we were stuck in the line for about a whole hour. I felt really scared because I remembered that I used to watch videos about horrible accidents that happened on rollercoasters. At this point I could not do anything so I just decided to ride it and to just get over with it. Finally we got on and it started to move my hands were shaking because of how scared I was. Surprisingly it really got fun towards the end and I was really happy. So we decided to rid it for a few more times and had the best time I have ever had in
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