Personal Narrative-The Sooper Dooper Looper

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My palms were sweating. My heart was beating fast and furiously. This was it. My very first upside-down roller coaster ride at age nine in Hershey Park. The Sooper Dooper Looper was so intimidating. It seemed like there were millions of upside-down loops. I was with my friend Katie and the line was long. The long wait only made it worse, leaving time for the panic to build.

As I paced back and forth in the long line, my brain began to wander among the possibilities of what was to come. I began to ask, “What if I fall out of my seat when we go upside down? What if my seatbelt comes unlocked? What if the coaster gets stuck?” After I brought this up, Katie told me I needed to just have fun and take my mind off of it. All I could think was,

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