Personal Narrative: Lake Tahoe

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The drive was almost unbearable, but the thought of spending the week in the snow with family kept me going. It was only a four hour drive, but at 9 years old, it felt like an eternity. The scenery slowly changed from flat land, to rolling hills. The hills were covered in yellow dying grass, but they were still beautiful. Then we started to make the climb. Up mountains, through the passes, constantly surrounded by trees or a cliff that gave a wonderful view of the mountain next to us. We were so close to the snow of Lake Tahoe. We had been to Tahoe before, but this was a new cabin for us. We were all excited to see the cabin, but more importantly, looking forward to searching for sledding hills the next day. The wait was finally over. We were…show more content…
We started about halfway and slowly went higher and higher every time we went. It was my turn to go and I was going on one of the smaller tubes that we had. I started a quarter way down the hill because I was not ready to go down from the top like my siblings. I gave myself a push and off I went. I was having so much fun with the cold wind on my cheeks and was laughing the whole way down until I got some snow in my eyes that limited my vision. I began to panic which kept me from hearing my mom saying, “ JUMP!!! JUMP!!!” I was clueless to the fact that I was headed for a tree. Down the hill I went and straight into the tree. I hit eh tree at a slight angle which prevented my head from making contact with the tree, but meant that the entirety of the force was put on my inner left thigh. In the blink of an eye, I was on my back, in pain, and wanting to see my mom. Turns out she wanted to see me too. She fully ran down the side of the iced over hill in order to get to me without falling while my dad crept down the side. After making sure that I did not hit my head, They put me on a sled and carried me back to the…show more content…
I had a couple cups of succulent hot cocoa as well as some citrus teas. Most of that night was spent just laying in one spot, watching movies until it was time to go to bed. The next morning was beautiful and sunny, and looked like a perfect day to play in the snow. I was stiff as a log in the morning, but was slowly able to move more and more. By the end of the day, it was like the injury had never occurred. I ran and played in the beautiful all day long. Birds were chirping, the sun was glistening off the blankets of snow, and the world just seems at peace. Unfortunately, I did not wait long enough before playing in the snow, because that evening, I was laying on the couch just like I had the night before, stiff as a

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