Gothic Short Stories

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The darkness took over every corner of the streets. Squirrels scurried back to their trees, tripping on rocks and stumps as if they’re being chased. But me, I just felt lost. It was like I don’t even know where I’m going or where I came from, just that there is this thing in me that just leads me to that place. A few stumbles later, I felt that searing shock deep in my heart come out of nowhere. That’s when I knew something was about to go down. “The time…what time…” I kept saying to myself, but I had no intention of distracting myself with something else. The only thing in my mind was that place I was going to. My legs walked me over the stumps, by the sewer drainages, and under the overgrown branches, even if my mind didn’t know where I was. …show more content…

There in the middle of the light, I saw a silhouette break the light and stand there looking over me. I couldn’t make out what it was. The closer I got, the more humanly that silhouette was. When I reached a step, that’s when I knew that she was looking the whole time. Her gaze penetrated my heart deepening the shock. Her features undefined by the edge of the light in the middle of the darkness. I tried to take out words and put them in my mouth, but it was too dry to even open. She turned her head to the side as if it was wrong to look at me. “So…you came back.” Her voice stopped me cold. It was so clear and crisp for the first time that that everything around me was starting to fade away and the focus was between both of us. It cracked a little like she was trying to hold back tears. I tried to open my mouth again, but lost hope knowing that what I have done wasn’t right at all, and there weren’t any words to argue that it was. She turned her back to me and disappeared into the light. My heart tugged at me, telling me to follow. And before I knew it, I was halfway in, following her shadow. I then just stood …show more content…

I was so anxious that I fiddled too much and it came off. It rolled down the hall, and then stopped. Now there was nothing to fiddle. I looked back at her slowly to find those fiery eyes slowly being put out. I found instead eyes that started to wet and tears that slowly made their way down her cheekbones. This woman who has always stayed strong all her life, not letting any type of feelings get to her and her accomplishment is now crumbling with tears of pain, anger, joy, and confusion at the same time, all right in front of me. That’s when I know I messed up and felt like a totally senseless human. I slowly reached in trying to put my arms around her, fearing every second she was going to retaliate because of the pain. I made contact and nothing came out of her, except tears and sniffles. The stupid, senseless, devilish kid in me felt like it achieved something. “I just put down an unbeatable monster”. It snickered away as I pushed it down deep into the abyss of my heart, hoping that it will go away. I wrapped my arms around her and immediately felt the pulsing warmth coming out of her that made feel like I’m back where I’m supposed to

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