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There was silence, then… BOOM! My father and I finally shot the antelope that cost us day's of determination and perseverance. It took four days of sneaking through bushes, trees and rocks jutting into our skin, hiking around for hours trying to find herds of antelope, and consistently calling, with the intentions to find something, yet failing around every turn. This brutal hunt wasn’t for nothing though, in fact, let me introduce the story that changed my life forever. Welcome to the great antelope hunt.

My dad and I went on a muzzleloader antelope hunting trip, in Central Oregon. Four days into our trip, on September 1st, we started our morning off like the past three days, very tired. We stumbled out of our beds and, drowsily, we geared up and left for another unknowing day of hunting. Once we arrived at some alfalfa fields, my dad let me drive the dirt roads. After about two hours of curiously watching my dad chasing two bucks around with a decoy, his buddy James texted us that there was a ginormous buck on his property. We scurried back to the truck and my dad, anticipating the odds of the buck still there, rushed us to James’ property about two miles away.

We arrived just in the knick of time, as we spotted the herd of antelope grazing in the corner of his alfalfa field. Right away my dad located the buck we had been hunting the …show more content…

The lesson that I learned was that giving up always seems easy, but the aftermath is chaos. When I say chaos I mean that, yeah giving up is simple, but if my dad would have given up we never would have found the antelope, and I would have learned a bad moral to the whole trip. I would have learned that you can give up, but no. Rather, I learned that you have to persevere, even when it seems all the odds are stacked against you. Do your best, even when you don’t succeed at first because the final outcome can be

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