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Rock Point camp is beautiful place. A white shelled yellow sandy beach taking up most of the camp. This beach has sparkling dark blue water, swaying back and forth with force carrying dark green soft seaweed with it. There is a fossil area on the corner of the beach, massive flat rocks with animals engraved into its grayness, you will see scaly orange fish with only sockets and no eyes laying on these rocks with fly’s hovering over them in circles, as if they are guarding the dead corpses of the fish. Once you get off the beach you will see a large green forest filled with muddy trails going in many directions. This forest has a lot of green trees of all kinds, and lots of insects, the mosquito’s are as thirsty as vampires as they chase you every …show more content…

When the suns gone you will hear the firewood crackling loudly and the wind calling for you in the morning once the sun comes up. You can feel the soft sand with your bare feet as your going down the long warm sand dune. You can feel the sun baking your skin slowly, when your laying flatly on a blanket on the beach, you can feel the wind blowing into your hair as you stand in the lookout. You can feel the force of the hard rhythmic waves as they push you back to shore and then you fell the sharp shells and rough rocks as you step out of the water. If you walk on the beach you will smell the scent of fish and seaweed and when you walk into the woods you will smell the pungent scent that will remind you of dog waste, you will also smell a strong smell of grass after being mowed and if you walk back to camp you will smell the sweet scent of mosquito spray, the smell of rice and chicken and herbs. You will taste the fresh air at camp and the seaweed tasting beach water , the sweetness of chocolate and marshmallow after being cooked in the fire, the saltiness of the many bags of chips you will eat, the spice of the biryani, the sourness of the sugar sticks and skittles and if you’re lucky you will taste the mud of

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