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Marvel At The Great Sand Dunes Hidden Deep In The Rocky Mountains Tucked deep within the majestic rocky mountains is the most unexplainable of natural landmarks. Housing the largest dunes in North America, Great Sand Dunes National Park is the hidden gem among a diverse landscape of forests, grasslands, and the tallest mountains in Colorado. Perfect for both hikers and observers, everyone will marvel at this unique landscape. Stop at the breathtaking scenic overlook Prior to entering Great Sand Dune National Park, in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, you should stop at the entrance of the park and enjoy the first of many scenic overlooks in the area. You may find a few other tourists have also stopped to snap a few photos with the park's adorable sign or capture shots of the dunes from a great distance. This overlook is excellent for seeing the contrast in landscapes as the sand dunes appear clearly silhouetted against the rugged Rockies behind them. …show more content…

Visitors have the option of taking a day trip hike across the dunes or taking an overnight trip and camping within the park. Entrance to park is 15 USD per vehicle per day, but travelers also have the option of parking RV’s or campers within the park. The entire 30 mile dunefield is open to the public for exploration. Although there are no designated trails in the sand, the hike to the top of the tallest dune, named Star Dune, which is nearly 750 feet tall, generally takes the average person about 5 hours to hike. The park will also provide a dune-accessible wheelchair for free of charge at their visitor’s center. While some camper’s stop by for the day, it is recommended to spend at least 2-3 days exploring the park to get the full experience of it’s different climates and

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