Northwest Passage Research Paper

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There are far far better things ahead than anything we leave behind. In 1802 I was told to set off on a journey west. To find the Northwest Passage. You will now hear my encounters and just imagine my journey. Now Luxuriant Bear grass was just one of the plants I discovered on my journey. It is found in the middle and bottoms of the mountains. I found it in the Rocky Mountains. The growth of the Luxuriant Bear grass is luxuriant of course. And continues green all winter. Horses do not eat this plant. And it is actually not real grass. An animal I uncounted was the Black Tailed Prairie Dog. I found this animal East of the Rocky’s in the plains. This unique animal has a pinkish brown above, buffy white below, slim sparsely haired tail with black tip. I also found a lot of them burrowed in the ground. The Tower Rock is a big land mark for me. It was found between the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. It was a tall steep rock that was very hard to miss. The Tower Rock was the transition spot from the Great Plains to the unknown territory of the Rocky Mountains. Lewis was a very nice man, he always was ready to start the day off right for us. He had a lot of military training. Which helped him and us the crew with survivor skills. He was especially good at …show more content…

Our encounter with the Black Feet Indians was very hostile. Only because Lewis had mistaken them for the Atsina tribe. Now the tribe lived I T-Pees and canopies type homes. They would actually put buffalo fur on the sides of their homes to stop wind and keep them warm. There original residents where the Northern Plains. Although they do move homes and locations to follow buffalo herds. Their religion is very different you could say. Their main god was the sun. They also believed in a supernatural being named Napi which means old man. They were very skilled huntsman. Most of them died though due to lack of buffalo

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