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Daniel Boone was born on November 2, 1743. He was basically the man of all men, qualifying himself as a American pioneer, explorer, woodsman, and frontiersman. Just to prove how incredible this man is, he’s like bear grills on steroids (bear grills might have been on steroids). Daniel Boone was born to a Quaker family who were prosecuted in England for their beliefs. Daniel’s father moved from England to Pennsylvania In 1713 to join William Penn’s colony of dissenters as they were called. The English dissenters were Christians who separated from the English church in the 16th 17th and 18th century’s to found their own churches. In 1720, Daniel’s father worked primarily as a blacksmith and weaver, but I assume he dabbled in many other trades. …show more content…

Daniel Boone did not attend church again, although he identified as a Christian and had all of his children baptized. The Booners eventually settled on the Yadkin River, in what is now Davie County. This was in the western backwoods area. Because he grew up on the frontier, Boone had little formal education, but deep knowledge of the woods. According to one family tradition, a schoolteacher once had some concern over Dan’s education, but Dan’s father said, "Let the girls do the spelling and Dan will do the shooting…." Boone received some tutoring from family members, though his spelling remained unorthodox. The historian John Faragher believes that the folk image of Boone as illiterate is misleading, and argues that he "acquired a level of literacy that was the equal of most men of his times." Boone regularly took reading material with him on his hunting expeditions—the Bible and Gulliver's Travels were favorites. He was often the only literate person in groups of frontiersmen. Boone would sometimes entertain his hunting companions by reading to them around the evening campfire. On July 14, 1776, Boone's daughter Jemima and two other girls were captured outside Boonesborough by an Indian war party, who carried the girls north towards the Shawnee towns in the Ohio country. Dan the man and a group of men from Boonesborough followed in pursuit, finally catching up with them two days later. Boone and his men

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